Custom Buttons
Decaying Youth Buttons is able to supply you with your custom button needs.


Do you need to promote your band, venue, business or event?  I can help!
I can provide your buttons and service…

At a Low Cost!
       My prices are one of the lowest out there on the internet.  Why would you spend more money to get less product?

With a Fast Turnaround! 

       I usually have buttons out of my door three to four days after I receive payment.  So you will most likely have the buttons ready to hand out to your fans a week after you order!     

And with your confidence!

       I am just an e-mail away and will respond fast to any of your questions.  I use a high quality laser printer and print on the finest of papers.  I have been in touring bands and I know how sales like buttons help get gas in the tank and food in the stomach.  I also know what a good button looks like and am more interested in you getting a button that you like then getting paid.     

Ok! Lets get started!  Check out past buttons I have made.  When you are finished there go ahead and check out the prices page and then we will go from there!

New Additions

1.5 Inch Buttons!

Now you have the option to get a different size then just 1 inch!

Lower One Inch Prices

Spend less or get more!
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Free Rim Url!

Add your url to the rim of the buttons
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